I like to impress upon my students that literacy is something they already possess and writing is something they already know how to do. As our world becomes increasingly digital and multimodal, the task of the writing teacher has expanded, and this section attempts to reflect that reality. You’ll notice that this section includes fewer original resources; that’s because I was able to find so many excellent resources elsewhere! I highly recommend checking out https://writingspaces.org for a wealth of reading material and ideas. I am particularly enamored of Charles McGregor’s multimodal assignment and Keri Epps’s “How to Write a ____ Like a _____” assignment. 

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Other recommended external resources: 


The “Community Participation via Blog Commenting” resource at femtechnet.com

The “unessay” assignment at ryancordell.org


For CUNY folk, the “Collaborative Research Project on Discourse Communities” on the compcomm site on the CUNY commons